There are several herbs out there with beauty-enhancing properties just waiting to be tapped. For one, did you know that some herbs contain essential oils that could revive your hair, giving it that shiny, healthy look? Or how about a plant that releases compounds to make your skin smoother and fairer? If you’re wondering which herbs, oils, and vitamins will benefit and enhance your beauty, then this page will tell you exactly what you need.

Herbal Beauty Products for Skin Care

If you’re looking for herbal beauty products to enhance your skin, then take care to read the label and look for the following herbs below:

* Alfalfa

Otherwise known as Medicago sativa, Alfalfa is a perennial flowering plant that is native to Europe. It has high concentrations of chlorophyll, that pigment substance found all plants giving them that fresh green look. Chlorophyll is said to help cleanse the cell of the body. It gets rid of old, worn-out cells in your skin and replaces them with healthy, new ones.

* Aloe

Aloe Vera is a familiar sight in most herbal beauty products, especially in skincare products. Extracts made from the aloe vera plant have various medicinal properties, chiefly purgative. The plant is also said to contain substances that can smoothen the skin.

* Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is the yellowy or green liquid derived from Melaleuca alternifolia, a conifer native to the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. The oil said to be a natural antiseptic and used in many herbal beauty products as a treatment for acne and skin irritations.

Herbal beauty products for skincare may also contain other herbs aside from the three mentioned above.

Herbal Beauty Products for Hair Care

Whether it’s premature gray hairs or hair loss, there are herbal beauty products that can help keep your hair healthy and lively. Below are some of the herbs included in most hair care products:

* Fenugreek

The fenugreek plant or Trigonella foenum-graecum is a member of the bean family and best known for its use as a spice. Fenugreek contains substances that can stimulate blood flow to the root of the hair. For this reason, it is used in many herbal beauty products for hair care.

* Fo-ti

Sometimes called ho-shou-wu, Fo-ti, or Polygonum multiflorum is considered as a rejuvenating tonic, known to prevent gray hair. Some say that fot-ti could also darken gray hair. It is most often found in herbal beauty products as a hair darkener.

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