Thinking about home skincare but worried about looking like Tammy Faye? Read this real-world scenario of how one person found home care tips for skin online to become beautiful.

Ever wonder how some people manage to do all their skincare at home, without the expensive skin care products you’ve tried, and still look better than you do? No, they’re not secretly using the most expensive product at the cosmetics counter. It’s not easy, but successful home skincare is certainly possible.

Meet Emily

This is the story of Emily, one hypothetical person who used home skincare tips she found online to look like a million bucks for a few dollars worth of household supplies and a little creativity.

Emily had to go on a camping trip in a few days with her new boyfriend and a group of his friends, all of them real nature nuts. Emily was afraid that being in such close contact with her boyfriend and his friends would make it impossible to keep up the pretense that her shining skin was really just all her positive energy radiating out–and not several hundred dollars worth of skincare products, each one made of a long list of chemicals Emily couldn’t even pronounce.

Home Care Tips for Skin: Emily’s Salvation?

Emily decided to search online for home care tips for skin. She knew it would be foolish simply to trust the manufacturers of skincare products for this information. Searching on the internet, she found a website that did not belong to a skincare product’s manufacturer, but instead reviewed different products and provided information on living a healthier, less toxic lifestyle. She followed the links on those sites to websites that sold books, tools, and ingredients for home skincare.

Emily knows there are a lot of cheats on the web, even when it comes to something as simple as home care for the skin. She didn’t want to try something recommended by someone who didn’t know what they were talking about and risk giving herself a rash, so she was careful. Here’s what she looked for:

* Some of the websites that sold skincare products had a link to the Better Business Bureau. Clicking on the link, Emily saw the company’s record: member in good standing with no unresolved complaints.

* Emily looked at several websites before trying any of the home care tips on her skin, to see if there were any disagreements about what to try. For instance, one website recommended using an old-fashioned wart remedy, while another website warned against the old remedy, saying it could provoke an allergic reaction in some people.

* Emily double-checked on the tips she had found by searching on the names of any ingredients or techniques she didn’t recognize. That way she would know exactly what she was getting herself into.

* Emily looked out for any claims to results that were too good to be true. She skipped anything that sounded like medicine that would have to be sold with a prescription–using words like “cure” or promising to radically alter her body’s chemistry.

* When Emily was finished with her internet research, she set aside a few hours after she got home from work to test the tips out. She used a patch of skin on her leg that would be covered up anyway, and left plenty of time before the camping trip. That way, she wouldn’t have to parade around the scars of any mistakes.

Did Emily’s Home Skin Care Tips Work?

Emily ordered some essential ingredients for home care skin remedies online with overnight shipping. She also printed out some articles with instructions for home skincare tips that only required ingredients she already had at home.

One of the remedies Emily tried outworked, but the lemon juice left her smelling a little too appetizing. She wouldn’t want to be fending off mosquitoes all during her trip, so she put that one aside for later. Several of the tips didn’t work at all. But she did find a recipe that used chamomile and wheat germ to make a pretty effective skin softener. She also learned how to deal with stress better to keep small lines from forming on her face.

On the camping trip, one of her boyfriend’s female friends bragged how everything in her cosmetics case was biodegradable. Emily wowed everyone when she showed them that everything in her cosmetics case was not only biodegradable but edible. Now Emily’s boyfriend is amazed to have found a woman who is not only beautiful but rugged, too. Emily’s amazed to have found a way to shave hundreds of dollars off her cosmetics purchases each month.

Do you want to look beautiful naturally, just like Emily did? Start by doing your homework on home care tips for the skin on the web.

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