Any time now there will be a cure for acne. We’ve only had this skin affliction for a couple of millenniums or so. Surely the cure is coming out soon. Ah, who am I kidding? Chances are, there will never be an ideal solution for skin blemishes. And don’t tell me it’s a Proactive Solution. This medication only works for some individuals. I realize that P. Diddy said that it “Made it so he didn’t have no more bumps!” However, it did not provide such results for my teenage daughter. This is for one simple reason. We’re all different and our skin reacts differently to certain products. If there was only one skin type, much would be solved.

I’ve learned a few things about acne and breakouts over the years. One is that they’re caused by certain catalysts. Now, these catalysts can be introduced into your body or they can concern your skin’s exterior. One of them is your diet. You’d better believe that what you consume can bring about skin blemishes galore. No, I don’t mean chocolate. Unless you’re allergic to it, I doubt you’ll break out from munching on a Snickers. However, I do mean sugar and fat. These are common culprits. Too much fat and/or sugar can definitely cause you to break out with skin blemishes. I remember this every time I consume a large portion of sweets and then get up the next morning to see a battlefield of zits on my face. It’s never a pretty sight. Always keep your diet in mind where acne is concerned. I think you will see quickly how much vegetables and water aid your complexion. You are what you eat after all!

Stress can also cause breakouts or skin blemishes. This concerns your oil glands. They often go crazy when you’re stressed out, hence pumping out way too much oil. This results in a catastrophe of pimples. Now, you can fight back with the right products. Even though I can’t tell you which treatment will aid you best, I can recommend a few things. Okay, we already said diet, and there’s also the regular use of a gentle cleanser. Keep those pores clean and oil-free. You may want to cleanse in the morning and at night, but doubtfully and more than this. Use tepid water always to avoid over-drying the skin, and see a dermatologist for prescription medication options.

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