I walked away with my tail between my legs. Sure, the error was all mine. I had a list of people I’d spoken to and one name was really obscure and neither Jo nor I knew who they were.


I sat down and thought about it. ‘Who are you?’ I asked. ‘Make yourself known to me again?’

With that, I turned my attention to other matters. That’s when the phone rang and the person on the list revealed themselves to me.

Now if we want to be cynical we could say that the materialization of that phone call was just coincidence – that this person just happened to call and remind me who they were. But what are the chances?

First, I just happened to have written the name badly on the list. Second, Jo just happened to spot my error. Third, we just happened to be discussing the person. Fourth, I just happened to ask for that person to make themselves known to me again. And it all just happened to happen, in the space of an hour.

What odds would you give on that happening?

This kind of thing happens to me too often for me to doubt that there is some greater connection going on between all our minds – a higher awareness.

How does it work?

First, we ask for things. Second, we have to be consciously aware of what’s happening to us. It’s important that we follow events as they unfold rather than letting our minds get in the way. It’s also important to do it with a sense of humor and to celebrate in some way when the universe provides.

As soon as our mind gets in the way we break the chain of events and distort what the universe is creating – often ending up with something we didn’t want.

When we put our attention on finding a solution or a person we are brought into connection with minds – sometimes people we know, sometimes people we didn’t know – who are prepared to answer our call for help.

These people have the will to help if you have the will to let them in. What often occurs when our call is answered is a discussion to see if help is possible. Oddly, as a quirk of human nature, we sometimes repel people who come to help, and either we reject them or they decide they just cannot help us.

While I know synchronicity happens, I’m in no way attached to it happening. I put out a call for things and get on with life. There is no hankering. I ask, then I read, jog, make phone calls, or do whatever I have to do while staying open to what happens.

I think it’s fair to say that attachment to an outcome is the biggest block that can get in the way. The times in my life when I’ve had no money are the hardest times to create money. When I’ve been in pain, it’s hard to imagine no pain.

But each time I’ve asked for a person to show up who can guide me (that guides me – not do for me), they’ve shown up and helped me. From their life got better.

You’ll find some very simple tips below. Please take note, this is a very simple version I’m giving you because all our situations differ. This basic outline is however workable for us all.

1. Think of one thing that you feel your life needs right now.

2. Be clear on what you want.

3. Write it down

4. See it happening in the mind.

5. Now go about your daily life, aware that answers will come to direct you.


6. Keep doubt out. Stay positive.

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