Bioelements Skin Care — The Future Of Skin Care

The Bioelements skin care range was developed by professionals for use by professionals. The company claims to be at the cutting edge of research. They appear to put a lot of time and effort into their products and are committed to educating everyone on the benefits of a good skincare routine.

The Bioelements product range will appeal to all those that wish to do their bit to help the environment. Over 80% of the product range is packaged in the glass as it is 100% recyclable. They use vegetable ink on their eco-friendly packaging.

The company is also committed to two charities which is always nice to see.

But just how good are the products? The Bioelements range is available to use at home or in a Spa. The website has a handy postcode finder to find your local spa if you fancy treating yourself.

All skin types are catered for, but they seem to be particularly strong in dealing with anti-aging cosmetics and skincare. They have a very user-friendly interface if you wish to adopt the do-it-yourself route rather than a spa. You simply click your skin type — they have seven different skin types as opposed to the usual four or five.

Once you have chosen your skin type you will be then taken to a screen that is divided into recommendations for every product you would need. They tell you which cleanser to use, the toner, moisturizer, the sunscreen factor you should be using, the overnight cream, and finally the exfoliant.

But they haven’t finished with you yet. They then ask you to identify any specific area of concern you may have such as crow’s feet, dark circles, blackheads, etc. You name it, and it will be listed here, but you can only pick three problem areas.

Ticking three, I was then taken to another screen which contained a further five product recommendations. I have to say that the website is extremely informative, and it does inspire a feeling of quality. But I struggle with the notion that I actually need eleven different bottles of products to handle my dry skin. I fully admit that I do not pay as much attention to my cosmetic routine as I should but eleven products, and we haven’t touched on makeup yet!

But to be fair, they also produce kits for every skin type under their “Great Skin in a Box” range.

However, when talking to my girlfriends they were all very impressed with the Bioelements range. One friend who has suffered from acne all her life swears by their oil-free sun protector. Other sun protection products caused outbreaks of pimples, so she often went without but not anymore.

Another friend has used the “Fight Aging Chin to Chest” product with amazing results. She is a typical Irish lady with loads of freckles, but she doesn’t think they are cute. This product is the only one that has managed to fade them to her satisfaction. Now she wishes they would bring out something to handle her red hair — I suggested a wig!

So I have taken the plunge and booked myself in for a Bioelements facial. After speaking to the girls, I am looking forward to my encounter with the Biochemical skincare range.

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