Beauty lies in a mixture of nurture and nature, personality, and genes. Nature and nurture are interdependent in that the growth and development of the brain depend on the health of the rest of the body. Our physical makeup influences our psychological and emotional behavior.
Your beauty depends upon the food you eat, the time of day you wake up, the level of stress in your life, the quality of your sleep, how you exercise, and the surrounding people. All these factors combine to determine whether you are beautiful or ugly. The good news is that you can fix your appearance with some smart choices.

You need to keep your body clean and well hydrated to maintain an attractive appearance and your personal hygiene. People get less attractive as they age and have more problems with their skin, digestion, hair, and teeth. You should wash your face twice a day and use a good moisturizer. Also, you should avoid dairy products and artificial colors, preservatives, and fragrances.

A proper diet is the foundation of all other aspects of beauty. You need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and stay away from rich foods. Make sure you are getting eight to ten hours of sleep. It is important to keep yourself fit and trim and get a healthy attitude. Exercise every day and get a daily dose of Vitamin C.

Beauty begins with the way you dress. Wear comfortable clothes that can be washed and ironed, if needed. If you need to wear something on the go, then wear clothes that are easy to carry. Not only does good dressing to enhance the appearance of someone, but it also reduces stress and makes you feel better.

If you are a woman of color, you might want to look for beauty care products that are color-coordinated for you. The coloring of your skin and hair depends on the coloring of your hair. Therefore, if you have dark hair, you need to wear lighter colors on your clothing so that the colors can show through.

Makeup, and the makeup you put on your skin, can make a huge difference in your appearance. The best cosmetic for women is probably makeup. But as beauty is a learned skill, it takes practice to become perfect at makeup. For now, there are the basics: your eye makeup, blush, lipstick, mascara, and highlighter.

Always follow the instructions on the cosmetic packaging and look for anti-aging products that include antioxidants, such as vitamin C, retinol, and kelp extracts. Any product containing vitamins will do. For your skin, select creams and lotions that contain antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different brands.

If you want to improve your skin tone, use a natural foundation with sunscreen and SPF. Remember that as soon as you put the foundation on, it will last for at least six months, so you will not need to touch up your makeup. After you put on the sunscreen, you will need to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours, preferably during the day.

Find sun protection factor (SPF) ratings for each brand of sunscreen. Every ingredient is important, but using the best sunscreens on the market is the most important thing you can do to protect your skin. When applying makeup, apply evenly over the entire face and apply powder.

Other beauty tips: don’t ever lick your lips, and wash your hands daily. You may find it difficult to clean up a bit of food left on your hand, but don’t worry about it. Follow these beauty tips and you will find that your appearance and personality have changed for the better.

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