Understanding uncontrollable anger is not an easy thing to do. Here are some simple tips to control your anger.

The human race has been around millions of years. Most people do well in a controlled environment, while others do not. Everything about a human being involves action. For instance, our muscles produce action. The actions produced by humans also produce responses. For instance, if you muscle contracts and releases, you may jump, or twitch. All our actions and responses reflect on our emotional states and our cognitive states.

In addition, the ways we interact with others reflect on our cognitive and emotional responses. Our cognitive mind interrupts things it observes in many ways. What it leads to is our way of relating and understanding what we learn. How we perceive what the cognitive mind reads determines our outcome with the decisions we make. For instance, if you see the world as a bad place to live, thus you have developed a negative attitude, which will reflect on your actions and responses. If you see the world as a positive environment, however, likely you will make better decisions that encourage positive responses and actions.

Are we using all powers that come naturally to our best advantage? Unfortunately, there is a big gap between what is possible according to the Laws of Nature and what is possible according to our minds. In order to lead a better life, we must bridge this gap. We have the natural capabilities to survive and we should not let our pessimistic thoughts and attitude affect our natural survival capabilities.

What prevents us from using our natural skills that have evolved over millions of years?

The main reason is the lack of faith in our capabilities. We do not believe that we possess those skills naturally. We try to overdo things and it blows back on our face. We feel threatened by others and by the events that happen around us. The result is unwanted and aggravated anger and frustration leading to mental and emotional breakdown.

Anger is a normal human emotion. Yet intense uncontrolled anger can hurt and destroy, wreaking havoc and pain. Angry people can even kill others. It can blind you out of your senses. Therefore, the utmost importance is it kept well in control.

In order to prevent us from doing anything that is even remotely harmful to others or us, our anger needs to be acknowledged, dealt with, and resolved. We need to know that we can express and handle our problems in a better way. We must be willing to closely look at sensitive areas of our lives, to learn, and to be open to change. We must be willing consciously work towards negating its effect on us.

Our main goal of recovering from anger is to learn how to face our problems with dignity and a reasonable sense of perspective. Amazingly, once we begin to do that, much of our distress lessens. We become better equipped to cope with our families, jobs, frustrations, and disappointments.

We should also learn to understand our anger. What sets it off, and how to live with it? It is important for us to know that anger is not some unpredictable and unknowable beast hunkering down inside us, waiting for our defense to break so that it can lunge out to capture our hearts and mind. It is a normal human emotion, which we should keep in control.

After understanding the causes of anger, we can take steps to reduce it. Physical exercise will reduce anger largely. It is believed that physical exercise releases hormones that cause stress thereby removing it from our body. In addition, yoga and meditation will calm the mind and remove the uncontrollable anger from our system. This requires constant effort and practice.

Above all, we need a positive frame of mind and an optimistic outlook on life. We must believe that we have the capacity to overcome our uncontrollable anger and frustration. We must consciously take determined steps to ensure that our anger does not harm others or us in any way.

Controlling anger and frustration will have a soothing effect on our mind thereby making us a calm and peaceful. A peaceful mind will go a long way in helping us to lead a healthy and happy life.

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