“Do it Yourself Beauty” is the most logical approach to everyday beauty. It is usually found in salons where clients are able to get a facial. The benefit is that you have a choice of products to choose from, and no need to purchase expensive products that will end up as waste.

If you are not familiar with the DIY beauty system, here is a quick introduction. Once you visit a salon or spa, a makeup artist will give you a free consultation and let you know about the products they use and the range of colors that are available.

If you want to enhance your natural features, choose a color and a brush depending on what type of face you have, which makeup artist will advise you, and how you will use it for the best results. Here are some tips to follow.

While choosing your makeup, think about the skincare products you already use. There are many types of makeup, but for best results use products that are water-based and oil-free. Do not apply the product directly onto your skin; apply it on the product’s label, on the skin, and then pat it over the skin.

Stay away from eye shadow that contains glitter because it will clog your pores and cause acne. Pink, red, and yellow eye shadows will also make your eyes look blue. Use a cream-based eye shadow instead. In addition, you can use a liquid liner on your eyelids to make them appear thinner.

Hair is usually put in a loose ponytail. It is important to prevent the hair from going through the comb as this will make it look uneven. Avoid using hair straighteners as they will leave your hair frizzy.

Once your hair is combed and your makeup applied, it’s time to apply foundation. Make sure that the product has a light powder and that it is mixed well. Apply the product evenly to your face and add a bit more if needed.

Dusting your face is a necessity especially if you work in an environment where there is dust. You can get rid of all the dust by using a high-powered air conditioner. There are more advantages that you can derive from dusting than brushing your teeth. Dusting makes you more confident that you look clean and fresh.

Brush your teeth twice a day. Do not forget to floss after you brush your teeth. Flossing the teeth will remove any food particles that may accumulate in between your teeth, thus making your breath smell fresh.

Moisturizer is used in order to keep your skin soft. Using cosmetics that have a high SPF content, you will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are not willing to risk these products, you can use a sunscreen lotion that has a strong sunscreen ingredient in it. To make your skin look smoother, apply makeup made of mineral oil.

The “Do it Yourself Beauty System” will help you develop your own beauty and confidence. So, go ahead and change your appearance!

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