Granulated skin under the abdomen in obese people isn’t the only skin problem that overweight people face. Most people are aware of health problems caused by carrying too many excess pounds. They will list heart disease and high blood pressure, diabetes, increased risk of stroke, certain cancers, etc. But they will rarely mention the skin problems that can cause misery to those suffering from obesity. Common problems include things like heat rashes where the skin folds become red and inflamed due to sweat building up.

Dark patches under your eyes or elsewhere on your body are also common. This can be caused by poor circulation and the kidneys and liver not operating efficiently. They are under so much pressure caused by a combination of poor diet, weight gain, and lack of exercise that they cannot work as effectively as they should be. This can lead to a build-up of toxins in the body which often causes adverse health issues and can lead to illnesses such as cancer.

It is very important that your internal organs operate to the best of their ability. You want to get rid of toxins as fast as possible not allow them to build up to poison your system. The body is its own natural healer but only when it can operate effectively. Increasing the amount of water you drink will help to get your liver and kidneys functioning better and this should reduce the dark patches.

Stretch marks are common in overweight people as a result of putting on weight and can cause huge embarrassment. Skin tags are also very common particularly if the person has an underlying problem with insulin such as diabetes. If you notice that you have skin tags, and you haven’t been diagnosed with an insulin-related illness, you should speak to your doctor. He will examine you thoroughly in case these tags are a symptom of a more pressing problem.

Yeast infections are also very common with Candidia enjoying the moist and dark crevices caused by folds of skin. This can be extremely unpleasant and difficult to treat. Candida could also be affecting your internal organs and may be a cause of sugar cravings if you suffer from these. You need to see your medical advisor for treatment and to discuss any other areas that a yeast infection could have taken hold.

Having too much loose skin can also become a problem particularly if the obese person loses weight too quickly and their skin doesn’t have a chance to recover its elasticity. Drinking water will help as will losing weight gradually following a healthy living plan rather than a quick fix faddy diet that won’t work and will leave you feeling miserable.

So now you know that granulated skin under the abdomen in obese people isn’t the only skin issue they have to worry about. If you needed motivation to lose weight, all of these skin problems together with the more serious illness that being overweight can lead to is hopefully enough to get you to seek help and advice to get your BMI level down to a healthier level. With time and patience, you will do it but only if you take that first step.

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