Hundreds of medications, treatments, cleansers, and cosmetics are available for people with acne, but the most important elements of an acne-fighting program wont cost you a cent.

There are simple treatments that can keep your face acne-free in days. In my experience, the most effective treatments are those that address the underlying cause of your acne.

When youve got a breakout on your face, you are probably being tricked into thinking it is caused by an external factor, such as an unbalanced diet, unhygienic conditions, or inadequate personal hygiene. But acne is a sign of a deeper imbalance in your body and when youve got deeper problems, they must be addressed to clear up your acne.

For example, there are acne-causing substances in your saliva called glycosides, which can trigger acne. These substances enter the bloodstream, and circulate in the sebaceous glands, causing them to become hyperactive. This causes a pimple to appear.

To stop this from happening, you should avoid having sugary foods, such as candies, and drinks, such as fruit juice, which contain high levels of fructose. It’s also a good idea to avoid excess salt in your diet and to consume a lot of green vegetables and seeds, which contain omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Its also important to have a healthy diet so that your digestive system can work efficiently and to stop foods that trigger acne breakouts in the first place.

Acne is a temporary condition. If you follow a healthy diet with regular cleansing actions and exfoliating masks you are going to have acne-free skin in days. In a year.

The truth is, if you start following a healthy diet, the only acne you will see on your face will be the ugly face of depression and low self esteem. This is because the real root cause of acne has been addressed. You are finally going to look the way you are meant to look. A face free of acne.

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