You may have read a lot of information about the causes of acne. It is pretty easy to know the causes if you are willing to keep your mind open.

When a substance is being produced that stimulates excessive production of sebum, this condition is known as acne. Sebum is an oil that is secreted by the sebaceous glands, and it is in a very good amount when the body is under normal circumstances. So, the problem begins when excess sebum is produced with the hormonal changes that occur in puberty.

This extra sebum is made due to the secretion of the prolactin hormone. Now, acne occurs when the body releases too much prolactin hormone and the excess sebum produces bacteria. When the bacteria get into the skin it causes infection and inflammation of the skin, and it is what creates the acne.

Your body produces a lot of oil, and it gets very difficult for your skin to be able to stay clear. To help clear the oil from the skin, the body produces other oil-producing substances called sebum and this has the effect of balancing out the oil in the skin. But when the oil in the skin gets too much, this gets trapped in the pores and leads to acne.

Acne occurs because of an abnormal accumulation of toxins in the skin. There are various types of bacteria and parasites that make their way into the skin and invade it. And when the sebum is produced, they begin to take nutrients from the skin then have problems absorbing nutrients that it needs.

As the toxins and bacteria start to accumulate in the skin, the good bacteria then start to disappear. This causes a balance in the skin, and now the bad bacteria and the toxins can be expelled from the body. But, this does not happen at all times, so the skin cannot remain clean and the acne can start to appear.

Certain foods cause acne. Those foods that are high in sugar, have a lot of oil, and oil in them will clog the pores, and creates acne. These foods also increase the skin’s oil production. It is hard to be free of these foods if you eat them daily, but they can be controlled if you limit them.

There are some new medications available that have been shown to reduce the presence of bacteria and reduce oil production. But, these medications are not really working in all cases.

Studies show that increased production of certain hormones is a cause of acne, but these hormones that cause the hormones in the skin to increase is something that is controlled by diet. This means that the same factors that cause acne can also be controlled by diet and this is why the best way to control acne is by keeping the skin clean.

A diet that is rich in vitamin A can help the skin stay healthy. It is important that the skin is cleansed regularly and the pores cleansed. And foods that are rich in zinc also have a great effect on the skin and acne, but it is not always necessary to consume such foods.

Foods that are abundant in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet of those who suffer from acne. You can start to have your skin clear and beautiful again by following a daily plan. If you are in need of more information about the causes of acne, please feel free to contact me.

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