There is no shortage of products that you can buy to help conquer dry skin. Many of those products do work, but what if you run out? When that happens, you need an effective home remedy for dry skin. Just as there is no shortage of for-purchase products, there is no shortage of home remedies that you can select from. The following are just a few of the possibilities that you can use when trying to get rid of dry skin.

1. Do not completely dry yourself off after bathing. It is much better to gently dry off, but to your skin slightly damp. The water will help to moisturize your skin from the outside, and it will also prevent you from being too rough on your skin.

2. If you apply a moisturizer, then doing so right after you are partially dry is best. Again, the water left on your skin will work with any moisturizer you use. At the very least, it should reduce the total amount of moisturizer you use.

3. Avoid the use of harsh soaps and skin cleansers which only serve to strip away the natural oils in your skin. Who knew that getting rid of some of your current skincare products could be a home remedy for dry skin? There are all kinds of remedies in your home, and it’s often just a matter of looking at things differently.

4. Those who live in colder climates will often find that their skin is much drier in the winter. This is because the air is less humid, and that can lead to dry skin. The solution here is quite simple: get a humidifier for your home, so the humidity levels are normal. This one simple change can make a huge improvement in how your skin feels.

5. Honey and olive oil are two of the best home remedies for dry skin. Honey has humectant properties, which means that it not only serves to moisturize the skin, but it also locks in that moisture, allowing your skin to feel great for a longer time than when using a non-humectant moisturizer. Olive oil has been used cosmetically for centuries, and one of its best properties is how well it moisturizes dry skin. Other vegetable oils such as peanut, safflower, and sunflower may also be used.

6. Avoid hot baths and showers as the heat can be harsh and dry out the skin. You don’t have to take an ice-cold shower, but don’t make it so hot that it damages your skin. The same concept of not overdoing it holds true when it comes to your skincare regimen as well.

Each home remedy for dry skin listed above will have your skin looking and feeling great, but that’s only the start. There are many other remedies you can use to get rid of dry skin. You should take advantage of any remedies that you can find…your skin will thank you for it.

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