For most issues related to teenagers, fads rule the roost. And skincare issues are highest among teenagers. Today any medium, be it magazines, newspapers, television, or the Internet are inundated with skincare-related articles. These articles could include various therapies and homemade solutions for skincare. Ranging from the totally natural to those which involve chemicals, these articles provide the reader with the much-needed solutions to their skin-related problems.

These days, the latest craze in skin care regimes is natural antioxidant skincare. The belief that is being popularized these days is that the more natural the product is used the more effective and devoid of side effects it will be. This concept has a strong historical background since it is a known fact that queens and princesses of the ages gone by used natural extracts of plants like hibiscus and olive to keep their skin glowing and youthful. Over time, man has processed these very elements and made them available to the common man in the form of tubes, bottles, and cans containing moisturizers, creams, shampoos, and anti-aging gels. These contain the richness of the abundant health secrets hidden in the flora and fauna of the jungles. The only difference is that they are more likely to have been processed in a research laboratory and tested before being presented to you for use.

These distilled ingredients used to a healthy body are being called nutraceutical at large. This new addition to the dictionary is made up of the words nutrients and pharmaceutical.

Most companies that make skincare-related products tout the goodness of antioxidants and natural products that contain antioxidants. An antioxidant is something that destroys harmful oxygen-free radicals. These free radicals could be a product of the normal functioning of the body or could be generated due to external factors like ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Though the concept of free radicals is extremely complicated to explain, suffice it to know that these radicals can be harmful and can result in mutation in genes. Mutation can lead to skin cancer and make the individual incapable of repairing the damage done to the skin. With antioxidants, we can limit the number of free radicals in our system, thereby ensuring that we not only keep our skin supple and glowing but also healthy. This wonderful discovery of how antioxidants can work to negate the effect of free radicals had led to fantastic products that can help in tackling issues related to aging skin. Problems like wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, and small growths can be resolved by increasing the amount of antioxidants in your diet and oral application of antioxidant concentrates.

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