The term Paleo refers to the way we eat like we used to eat in our ancestors. In other words, no sugar, processed foods, or animal products of any kind. While there are no definitive guidelines for what constitutes of a Paleo diet, the basic idea is that our bodies are far too complex to allow for the consumption of such things today.

Even though most people have heard of the Paleo diet, they may not be sure what it is all about. If you’re looking for some information, this article will answer any questions you may have about the diet. There is so much out there about this lifestyle, that it’s easy to get confused.

First, the Paleo diet is all about food. Our bodies were created for a purpose. Our body is designed to hunt and gather. For our ancestors, this meant finding fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and game.

The Paleo diet is not about starvation or cutting calories. Our bodies are designed to perform at their best when we are provided with the right foods. As our food source has changed over the years, our bodies have become less able to perform at their optimal level.

In fact, many people are too concerned with the amount of processed foods available in grocery stores these days. They worry that if they don’t buy the latest chocolate bars or white bread that they are cheating their bodies. But the truth is that our bodies have changed and if we continue to eat processed foods, we will never meet our original Paleolithic ancestors. We need to return to the basics of how our bodies were designed to function.

You can find Paleo recipes on the internet, but how do you go about creating your own Paleo recipes? Of course, there are plenty of books and websites that provide great recipes and tips. But in order to truly enjoy a great Paleo recipe, you need to understand the reason why your food choices are important.

Our ancestors lived in a very different society from today’s food choices. Their societies were based on hunting and gathering. There were many hunting traditions. It was one way they could give their children the skills they needed to survive.

They also used many cooking methods. For example, they used fire and made their own hot dogs and other dishes. Cooking was a way to provide our ancestors with a way to cook their meat while keeping it from falling apart.

The Paleo Diet focuses on eating the foods our ancestors used to eat. Of course, we don’t live in a cave and don’t have access to the same natural resources that our ancestors did. However, the good news is that you can still prepare the foods that you love to eat, but in a way that keeps them fresh and doesn’t allow you to gain any unnecessary weight.


Another great benefit of learning about the Paleo lifestyle is that it can help to improve your mental health. Most people will tell you that our minds and bodies react differently to stress. The Paleolithic people didn’t suffer from many chronic illnesses like we do today. When they had a stressful event, they were able to handle it and deal with it naturally.

The Paleo Diet is simply eating foods that our ancestors ate. That means that we should be eating whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and fish. There are no processed foods. What you can include in your Paleo menu is anything you would add to your daily diet as part of a healthy eating plan.

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